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Enriching Music Lessons in Rockford, IL

Music at its best is entertaining and therapeutic. It also improves social development, cognitive skills, and dexterity in children that know how to play an instrument. If you want to give your child an extra educational boost, give me the honor of teaching them music lessons in Rockford, IL. I provide the piano, viola, and violin instruction at my home studio for students of all ages. It is my goal to help children develop a strong appreciation for music.

The Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning to play an instrument and to create beautiful music is a talent your child will be able to use for a lifetime. However, music instruction does more than cultivate performance skills. Studies show that learning to play instruments result in:

  • Improvement in Memory & Attention Span
  • Increased Sensory Development
  • Increased Patience & Discipline
  • Development of Social Skills
  • Improvement in Posture
  • Better Academic Skills
  • More Self-Esteem
  • Reduced Stress

Piano for Beginners – Rockford, IL

Instruction for Any Age

Everyone should enjoy music, and anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument should be able to take lessons. As such, I offer instruction to students ranging from elementary school to college as well as adults. My comprehensive approach to teaching includes music theory and technique, along with experimentation and exploration. Students learn and have fun when I teach them piano, viola, and violin lessons.

About Our Teaching Methods

I incorporate traditional training along with the Suzuki method into my instructional plan. With the Suzuki method, students learn how to master their instrument quickly. The traditional lessons teach them the technical skills needed for effective performance. 

Students also receive well-rounded piano lessons from me. My program uses the Faber, Alfred, and Bastien curricula in addition to "Music for Little Mozarts" for younger students. Instruction is one-on-one; however, students have the opportunity to perform with other students during recitals.

Teaching Performance and Music Theory

State-of-the-art technology allows me to provide students with an interactive learning experience. An intelligent digital keyboard and a computer help students gain a better understanding of music theory. In fact, I believe the high-tech teaching tools I use, make music lessons more interesting to students.

Rates and Payment

Knowing how to play the piano, viola, or violin, or any musical instrument is a valuable talent. If you or your child wants to become a confident performer, I can help you reach your potential. My goal is to make learning music affordable and accessible to everyone.

At Neighborhood Music, half-hour lessons are $20.00.
Weekly payments are accepted, and students will not be charged for missed lessons.

There’s no better time than now to learn how to play an instrument.

Contact me to enroll your child in a comprehensive music program. I proudly serve Rockford, IL, and surrounding areas.